2016    Summer Studio Program, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond

2016    Independent Studio Programme, Fine Art Media – Slade School of Fine Art, London

2016    BFA Candidate Studio Art, BA English – University of Texas at Austin

2012    Summer Academy in Architecture – University of Texas at Austin



2015    SUMMERSCOOL Residency, Co-Lab Projects, Austin, TX

2015    Ox-Bow School of the Arts Scholarship and Residency

2015    College of Fine Arts Travel Grant

2014    Ox-Bow School of the Arts Scholarship and Residency


Group Exhibitions

2016   Magic the Gallery: Part III, Magic the Gallery, Austin, TX

2016   Boons, Not Gallery, Austin, TX (w/ Bucky Miller and A.C. Rogers)

2016    Hot Cucumbers / Frozen Grapes, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

2016    The Small Press Project, University College London, London, England

2016    Platform I, Bloomsbury Theatre, London, England

2015    There Will Be Food, 5econd Rule Gallery, Austin, TX

2015    Can you pass me some toilet paper?, Grout Gallery, Austin, TX

2015    Peels, Co-Lab Projects, Austin, TX (w/ Lilly Byrd)

2015    Stuffed Topple, Mom Gallery, Austin, TX (w/Cameron Coffman)

2015    five x seven, The Contemporary Austin, Austin, TX

2014    Longhorn Research Bazaar, The University of Texas, Austin, TX

2013    Tuscan Multiplicity, Visual Arts Center, University of Texas, Austin, TX



DFA Library Zine Collection, University of Austin, Austin, TX, Zine Collection, Austin, TX



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